The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Case Competition is a rigorous case competition geared towards aspiring investment banking interns at the University of Edinburgh. This competition gives students the opportunity to develop and refine their technical, analytical and presentation skills through applying the knowledge acquired in class over Semester 1 and/or their own financial acumen. Participating teams are to submit a proposed Merger or Acquisition Opportunity, which they believe is viable within a time horizon of maximum 4-5 years.

Each team will be supplied with a handbook on using the University’s Financial Databases, which will help in researching your chosen companies. Your team will be given a reasonable amount of time to arrive at a solution and present your findings to a panel of judges comprising of KOPs in the University’s Finance Community including IBC, EdEconSoc and EUTIC. The teams will be judged according to the calibre and feasibility of the solution proposed as well as your technical, analytical, and presentation skills.

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